Hello!  My name is Myra Kalaw.  I LOVE PAPER as much as I love print media.  Paper is a highly versatile, renewable material that is lightweight, flexible, strong, and portable.  It can be folded and unfolded for transport, and can withstand a lot of pressure.  I know how to make paper, print on a hand press, and bind the pages into books.
Making paper wallets allows me to combine my skills in bookmaking and origami.  I saw the potential in making an artful product that is simple and practical, but well-made.
The wallets are folded from papers I often encounter throughout the day.
They are first laminated, then folded, and then the book cloth is attached to the spine.
They come in two sizes:  Small, (or business card size), & Large, (or trading card size).
Depending on how they are used, origami CITY Wallets last anywhere between 3-9 months.
Enjoy them while they last!
You may email me at dreamonlab (at) cubivino.net, and view my LinkedIn profile here.