The Verdict is In!

Last week, over a plate of okonomiyaki —

pocket folds-okonomiyaki.jpg
You called me WHAT???
my sister agreed to try the expandable (open) pocket wallet.  She was quite excited about the size and feel of the bookcloth wallet.  Fitting more cash in the pockets was definitely a plus, but after a week of using it, and dropping cards on the floor, she still can’t decide if I should keep making them or not!?!
The origami folds need to interlock in order to hold and retain their shape well.  Reinforcing the inside folds with stiff chipboard, but the open pocket design makes all the other pockets unstable, and will undoubtedly, not pass the test for aerodynamismo!
Thus far, the maximum number of pockets an origami City Wallet can have stands at an even six — two outer pockets and four inner pockets!