Have Cahier — Will Travel

If you are like me and work on different projects simultaneously,
you may carry two or three slim notebooksat the same time.
I used to carry mine in a ziploc container to keep them clean
before stuffing them in my bag, but I have always
secretly wanted to design a binding that could contain
all my writing and reading materials in one simple package!
Bookcloth sample of the Cahier/Volant City Wallet
When I started using bookcloth spines for the wallets,
I could not help but think of them as little booklets.
Indeed they can be seen as slipcovers with built-in pockets!
By changing the dimensions of the wallet,
I made a wallet case with room for 4 softcover notebooks
(2 on the outside, 2 on the inside) + 2 inner pockets for a total of six pockets,
and a pen holder in the spine!
This is great for travelling because the slipcover keeps everything tidy and handy.
It lays flat and I can read my book while I write notes on a different notebook.

It can be quite hefty, but who said paper can’t be hay-vee!
I only wish I’d made this before I wrote all over my poetry book
and then left it out on the windowsill to dry after using it as a rain shield.