better late than never ?

Aided by public transportation facilities and the challenges of living in a residential building, the potent allergy virus has again reached my immune system and slowed down my production of halloween origami!
Add to this, (sneeze!)  the difficulty I encountered in following (achoo!) the instructions in the book I was using to fold the models!  The economy of the instructions, with the lack of guidance on brutish (ha-ching!) anatomical proportions, resulted in a surplus of paper torsos and frog-like legs, with incredibly tiny heads!  The figures looked more goofy than spooky, not at all the kind of hair-raising effect I was after.  So I set my google on to hunt me some pumpkins, and this is what it came up with —
I present to you a preview of Halloween 2011:

Yeah, I know, they look like dead bugs I swatted on the wall and magnified for your viewing dis-ease.  But there are more than 300 days between now and next October, so I think they will be looking mighty spiffy come next Halloween.
I will also be making 3d luminaria.