December 23, 2010

A feathery neighbor alights on my AC unit, and unlike other birds which fly away at the slightest hint of sound or movement, this chubby cutie let me take its picture for five minutes as it surveyed the area below.  Could it be lost?  I thought to myself.  Could it be injured?  Could it be looking for its family? its flock? I panned my gaze for other birds, and pricked my ears up for any squawking or chirping, but all was silent and still.  Then it dove down without a sound and fast!  Too fast I only knew it had flown away when I saw its silhouette crossing the street to perch on a drainpipe!  And was gone!
December 24, 2010
Can’t freaking tie a nice square knot to wrap my Xmas gifts …
Good thing I have reindeers…