GameMan’s Well’it

THAT is the face of terror on Richard Mayhew, hanging over the edge of an as-of-yet unknown precipice!!!  I haven’t read the entire book, but from what I’ve read, these few pages sum up the whole story — the 4 W’s and the How does it, but don’t take my word for it — don’t bet on it!
from Mike Carey & Glenn Fabry’s NEVERWHERE, based on the Neil Gaiman novel of the same name, Spring 2011’s choice for One Book, One Chicago
And the wallets? — who needs them???  When the dollar collapses, we won’t have much need for legal tender, unless it carries its weight in gold and other precious stones and metals.  Might as well Hang onto your pennies!  They can be melted into scrap and made into some other useful thing — buttons, or snaps, or even — keychains!  Invest your money in jewels or gold bars!… but those can be heavy and cumbersome, and when worn, can attract robbers.

I suggest we carry them in wallet card sizes, like miniature chocolate bars in wafer widths.  Gold is a soft metal and can be hammered into thin sheets.  Snap off a square, or get it punched to pay for your coffee or bar tab.  Or simply swipe it into a card reader/scale that will automatically shave your expenses off your gold card.  Pure gold is lightweight and won’t slow you down, and unlike plastic, you will have the convenience of knowing exactly how much money you are carrying, and will be more likely to hold onto it, right?

When you pawn something, exchange it for some shiny carat instead of flimsy paper currency.  The nice thing about metals and stones is they never lose their luster.  They may even get shinier and more polished as they pass through many hands, but paper wrinkles, becomes stained with the sweat and grease of transactions, and have rarely survived a wash and dry cycle.  (you can bet on this one.)  If you are fortunate enough to find stores that will still buy your used books, cds, videos, or what-oldies-have-you, exchange them for hard currency.  Gold can be hammered into thin threads and can be used as electrical wiring, for juicing up radios and infrared reflectors.  When sewn into embroidery, it can be worn in your hair or on your clothing.  It is resistant to corrosion and oxidation, and when in a pinch, can even be ingested or mixed in a drink.

Gold is the new green.  Just don’t forget to blink!