“Let me be your manifestation

in the granite streets of the cities, leaving you free for all unencumbered missions.  I will be your mark.  You will be my meaning.  I will be your sign.  You will be my signification.  You will be the freer, relieved of the mark I carry, to move more fully, further, faster.” **~

Hello, Hello!

This is cubivino’s first run on Ubuntu.  Yes, I have joined the tribe!  All seems well as long as I don’t use flash.  I would like to say java will translate well soon enough,  but I can’t even use flash on my cell browser, and I can’t spark a light on that. πŸ™ Gnash doesn’t seem to work the soundcloud, but I’m running on classic “fallback” mode until I decide to completely novell-ize my tabletop or get a better graphics card, which will not happen, unless it’s open-sourced.  πŸ™‚  Until then, flashy apps will remain out of reach.  Fallback mode is when you can’t use the dock-like launcher on the upper left of the screen as you would the icon-decked launchpad on a mac os, which tells me I prolly can’t fuse my shared gateway with compiz. πŸ˜‰ for now, there’s foxtab? < a word which sounds like it came with a question mark > as in did you say, fox-stab πŸ˜•

First impressions : the site looks better on ubuntu than it does on my windows xp home 2007 edition, which is wonderful because I can take my trusty Gateway with me anywhere I go.  I don’t have to stay home and use my desktop Mac to work on pages.  Whatever I design on my Mac translates well on ubuntu –all the formatting, the fonts, the colors, etc.  So if ubuntu translates well on the Machine, I say go, go, go Ubuntu!
Let’s see, shall we?
(wake up macky, time to surf!)
Ah, yes!  just as I thought!  The screen looks the same on my pc and mac, and I didn’t have to buy a system update.   Well, I might need a better camera, or a polarizing filter, but everything seems to be working in the right order.  All the elements are in place!  Although I can’t say the same for wordpress… There should be a visual key to easily wrap text around images.  Someone like me who don’t speak fluent code can spend hours aligning text and image and still get nowhere!



In other words,
ubuntu +1,
windows -1,
wordpress 0 = )



<– After I washed and dried her

They’re UP –>