Cubivino turns 1 !

Cubivino turns 1 !
and I have finally worked up the gumption to show the City Wallets to lovely people who excel at selling them!  As of this month, the Lillstreet Art Center, in Chicago’s Ravenswood neighborhood, and the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts, in Alabama, will be carrying them in their stores.  Please stop by and admire their ample facilities, sit down at their cafes, treat yourself to a slice of fresh pie, take some of their studio classes, and support their arts program by taking home some of their handmade goods for sale!
I, myself, have been eating a lot of pie over the summer.  Thanks to my favorite two-year old buddy’s affinity for the cream/custard variety, and her mother’s framed print of li’l Jack Horner sticking his thumb in some pie — I found myself sweet talked into cutting, folding and gluing 100 copies of her father’s cd covers!
–  a grueling task if done in a weekend, but not at all unpalatable, especially when compared to the late-night drive-thrus for iced pastries and choiceburgers on those never-ending nights when I helped make props for a local theater group.  The good company more than made up for my zombie-like state, but had I known how much that can really take a bite out of my time, I would have probably said no to it — (though I have to admit, the prospect of making a puppet with a 7-foot long wingspan and battery-powered LED lights was just too good to pass up!)
Fast forward to two weeks before the show and I was still wrestling with the mechanics of transporting such a huge, though light-as-a-kite, puppet!   I swore to myself then that the next puppets I make will have to magically fit into a portmanteau attached to my bike!  I dearly missed the lakeside trail this summer on account of the moth, which as you can see from this photograph,

2011 UnScene™ Map Chicago (GC/RN/RE/OT/LP/LV)

had to be carried by 7 people!  No, no, that’s no special effect —

that’s my ubersm@r! phone camera editing the pixels to protect the actors’ identities, as some of them are still quite young and impressionable … and would require their parents’ permissions … and neh, I’m not gonna do it.  I’d rather spend my time reintroducing myself to other food groups and fine-tuning my palate.  What better time than the holidays to feast and make merry!
So have yourself a good turn of the year, and come back for more!
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