“The Lake is living water…

“The Lake is living water, ever in motion, and ever changing in color and in the form of its waves.  Across its surface comes the broad pathway of light made by the rising sun; it mirrors the ever-changing forms of the clouds, and it is illumined by the glow of the evening sky.  Its colors vary with the shadows that play upon it.  In its every aspect it is a living thing, delighting man’s eye and refreshing his spirit.  Not a foot of its shores should be appropriated by individuals to the exclusion of the people.  On the contrary, everything possible should be done to enhance its attractiveness and to develop its natural beauties, thus fitting it for the part it has to play in the life of the whole city.  It should be made so alluring that it will become the fixed habit of the people to seek its restful presence at every opportunity.”  ***~ 
AVAILABLE NOW @ LILLSTREET ART CENTER, 4401 N Ravenswood Ave, Chicago, IL 60640


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