CITY Wallet

The City Wallet is a lightweight, sleek origami wallet based on traditional Japanese and contemporary American designs. Inspired by the limits and possibilities of living in cities and navigating with fold-up maps and torn ticket stubs, it celebrates the traveler’s demands for alternative modes of transport, communication & identification.


The wallets are folded from found maps, old calendars, ticket stubs, book cloth scraps, gift wrap, comic books, wallpapers, magazines and flyers, ink can labels, handmade papers, printers’ proof sheets, candy wrappers, canned food labels, etc.

They come in 4, 5 & 6 pocket combinations folded to form stylized representations of the letters, C-I-T-Y.

Two I-folds make up the outer pockets, and any combination of C, T, or Y folds make up the inner pockets, with the addition of a Z fold, which is the mirror image of the C. 

They come in two sizes: BC, or business card size, (≈ 2½″ x 3¾”) and ATC, or artist trading card size, (≈ 3″ x 4″).

There are 9 possible configurations for the inner pockets of a CITY WALLET:

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