AMOS KENNEDY’s INDIEGOGO campaign was a success!

even earning a spot in Indiegogo’s Top Twelve Pitch Videos of 2012!  …   And yes, cubivino has a new theme to make way for new comrades.  Reputable printhouses will be announced as the time comes, and the photo galleries will finally be updated as I begin to launch an online store — scary crazy madness which needs a lot of coding I have to master onboard a trans-continental flight to Dubai — as close to the Fertile Crescent as I have ever travelled, and surely, a lot of ruminating will commence with a lot of picture-taking.  No worries if you don’t read.  If you do, you will be warned; Be assured…

IMG_3675 Starting in mid-February, weekly installments of last year’s summer spent at Bread & Puppet Press
in Vermont will finally be posted!  Bread & Puppet Press is the in-house printshop of the Bread & Puppet Theater, one of the longest-running, independent, not-for-profit theater companies in America.  Founded in 1963 by Peter Schumann, in New York City’s Lower East Side, the theater has from its very beginning, a deep connection with printmaking.  Peter carves the masonite cuts for the shows, and his wife, Elka Schumann, would hand print them into banners, posters, programs, costumes, and books, which are later sold in the museum.  Peter’s visual art is an important aspect of what makes Bread & Puppet Theater unique, and the Bread & Puppet Press, under Elka’s guidance, maintains a vital role in making sure these images do not suffer the complexities of the market economy, and its myth-making commodity machine. Proceeds from the poster and banner sales go directly back to the theater, which in turn, supports itself through the farm, the museum sales, and the performances.
Come to the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont this SUMMER 2013 and take part in the theater’s 50th YEAR ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION!
Visit for more details.


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