BREAD & PUPPET Printshop Internship: Week 4, Part 2

no chipmunks allowed on the vandercook
(July 18-24, 2012) As the month comes to a close, we start to feel sad as the internship ends and we must leave… Enter Lila to the rescue — She enlists me and Michelle to work on a TOP SECRET printing project —
Since there has been a visible increase in the chipmunk population on the farm, the little critters have been packing their cheeks full of rye berries!  Certainly a deterrent was necessary to curb their excess and check their daily excursions to the pantry!
Our mission:  To create FUN in the universe!

fresh off the press

Michelle carved  two chipmunk silhouettes on linoleum and set them in place on a type-high piece of plywood that lives on the pressbed of one of the two Vandercooks.  We printed the linocuts first, then on the next day, we worked on the text I have set on the other Vandercook.  After printing a few proofs on acetate, we then hand-rolled the inks on the type using several hand brayers.  We let them dry overnight then trimmed them down to three different sizes… and voila!
outhouse door
In the early morning light, as the puppeteers slept soundly in their beds and campsites, we strategically tacked the signs on doors, entryways, and stairs where chipmunks can easily see the signs and perhaps… just perhaps (for a wink)… think twice about stepping in….

bread & puppet printshop internship: week 4

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