Playthings, Posters, Proceed & Be Bold


Come to this Sunday’s VersionFest 2014.  I will be sharing tables with Laura Zinger of 20K Films & Sherry Diaz of Elephant Playthings.

Laura will be happy to talk to you about making films for 20K or less, and she will be generously offering dvd copies of Proceed & Be Bold, the documentary she made on Amos Paul Kennedy, Jr., whose letterpressed posters will also be available for sale.
Sherry will be happy to answer your questions about the local woods she sources to make her “rocker boards,” “kitchen sandboxes,” and “wormy apples“.  All the toys are made from non-toxic materials, safe for kids and adults alike.
Like before, I will present to you paper wallets made from city maps, and olde-timey whirly wheels made from calendars, just in time for the Fourth of July.



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